What is your style of living?

“Nomics” means “law of” therefore ‘livinomics’ is your law of living!

Camper Style Livinomics

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Found some old drawings.

Found some old drawings.

What are your passions now?

What were you once passionate about?





+ Do what you love

Happy Day to you

My Rules for living a great life…do what you love as often as you can!

My passions range from changing rooms to gardening, shopping, lunches out by myself or with a special person, breakfast or lunch by the beach…followed by a walk, writing, pottery, poetry, photography, singing, sewing, dancing, cooking and shopping to find the best deal. I am a great multitasker who loves a chat and a creative challenge.

“Enjoy the wonderful in the world and inspire your life to be more than you imagined!”

Beverly Masters

Every picture tells a story…

Beverly Masters

Founder of Livinomics®️


Write a list of things that lift you up…then add them to your calendar to remind yourself to do those things often.



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Beach walk

Time to reflect and maintain happiness within by intentionally doing what lifts me…

Time for me, time to stop, time to think, time to reflect and dream of all this life can be.